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TeleGroup provides comprehensive IT security solutions and services, designed to protect your network, end-point, data, application and cloud environment and mitigate risk across organization.

In today’s data-driven world there are serious threats that must be addressed. In order to maintain IT security within your company, you need to understand risk, learn to manage and reduce it, and know how to recover after an attack. At TeleGroup, we focus on designing and implementing an effective security strategy that meets your organization objectives and protects your overall business.

We deliver an architectural security model with platform-based solutions that integrate into an overall security system. Through a combination of technology and services, TeleGroup security model implements protection across entire attack continuum:

Before an attack. Defenders need comprehensive awareness and visibility of what’s in the extended network in order to implement policies and controls to defend it.

During an attack. The ability to continuously detect malware and block it is critical.

After an attack. Defenders need retrospective security in order to marginalize the impact of an attack. They must identify the point of entry, determine the scope, contain the threat, eliminate the risk of re-infection, and remediate the disruption.

From risk assessments and compliance reviews to certifying new devices and setting up security policies, we’ve got your back with a full suite of IT security services.

How to protect your IT resources and mitigate risk across organization?

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TeleGroup Infosec conference

Hack the hacker.

TeleGroup Infosec conference is the most important information security event in Western Balkans, initiated in 2011. Addressing the latest challenges and industry needs, it provides you with business critical insight, latest IT security trends, technical sessions and practical case studies. Speakers include information security thought-leaders from vendors, public and private sector end-users, policy-makers and government, analysts and industry experts.

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